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Case Summary

General Information
Case Number :19CRB01129
Attorney Name :AMIR  GHOLIZADEH 
Offense Date :6/26/2019
Date Filed :8/13/2019
Waiverable :No
Proof of Insurance :Unknown

Defendant Information   (Last known address)
Address Line1 :2054 W. 103 RD.
Address Line2 :# BACK
State :OH
Zip Code :44102
Date of Birth :5/26/1965
Financial Information
Total Fines & Costs : $440.00
Total Paid : $325.00
Total Owed : $115.00

Warrant Information
Active Warrants :Yes

Count Number Citation Number Statute Code Statute Description Speed Limit Actual Degree Plea Finding Finding Date
1 18050703 2913.02A3 THEFT BY DECEPTION M1 NOT GUILTY NOT AVAILABLE 11/25/2019

Hearing Information
DescriptionCourt DateCourt Time
BOND FORFEIT1/13/20209:30:00 AM
PRE-TRIAL11/8/20198:30:00 AM
PRE-TRIAL10/18/20198:30:00 AM
CONTINUED10/11/20198:30:00 AM
PRE-TRIAL8/16/20199:00:00 AM
ARRAIGNMENT8/13/20199:00:00 AM

Docket Information
NOTE: The Docket Information below is an abbreviated version of the actual Docket Entry. Only the first 60 characters of each line will show.
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Entry Date Count Entry
1/13/2020 N/A COLLECT ON BOND (BOND FORF 11/25/19)
12/3/2019 Warrant Block Sent to BMV
12/3/2019 WARRANT BLOCK PROCESSING FEE of $15.00 assessed
11/25/2019 1 Finding of NOT AVAILABLE entered for 2913.02A3 - THEFT BY DE
11/25/2019 Warrant Notice Sent
11/25/2019 NOTICE FEE of $50.00 assessed
11/25/2019 Warrant issued for PRETRIAL on 11/25/2019
11/25/2019 CASH BOND FORF. Notice Sent
11/25/2019 BOND FORFEIT set for 01/13/2020 at 09:30 AM in room 1 by Jud
11/25/2019 10% CASH BOND Bond# disbursed ($25.00 applied,$0.00 returne
11/22/2019 Modified Bond to 10% CASH BOND Bond Set for $3000.00
10/18/2019 Hearing Card w/attorney Notice Sent
10/18/2019 PRE-TRIAL set for 11/08/2019 at 08:30 AM in room 2 by Judge
10/18/2019 RESET PT ON 11/8/19
9/23/2019 Hearing Card w/attorney Notice Sent
9/23/2019 PRE-TRIAL continued to 10/18/2019 at 08:30 AM in room 2 by J
9/23/2019 Continuance Hearing of $10.00 assessed
9/23/2019 Motion granted reset to 10/18/19 at 9:00 am
9/20/2019 Written MOTION TO CONTINUE filed by Defendant's Attorney on
9/20/2019 Written DEMAND FOR DISCOVERY filed by Defendant's Attorney o
9/17/2019 Hearing Card w/attorney Notice Sent
9/17/2019 PRE-TRIAL set for 10/11/2019 at 08:30 AM in room 2 by Judge
8/22/2019 Modified Bond to 10% CASH BOND Bond Set for $3000.00 CORRECT
8/16/2019 wsp signed, reset for PT
8/14/2019 Posted bond, paid $325.00 receipt#2019100325
8/14/2019 BOND POSTING (HB1)- 10% of $25.00 assessed
8/14/2019 BOND POSTING FEE - 10% of $5.00 assessed
8/14/2019 Modified Bond to 10% CASH BOND Bond Set for $3000.00
8/13/2019 PRE-TRIAL set for 08/16/2019 at 09:00 AM in room 2 by Judge
8/13/2019 P/ng, No wsp, set for PT
8/13/2019 Judge MARK A. COMSTOCK assigned to case
8/13/2019 1 Plea of NOT GUILTY entered on 08/13/2019
8/13/2019 PENDING POSTING OF BOND Notice Sent
8/13/2019 Defendant found indigent. Court appoints AMIR GHOLIZADEH a
8/13/2019 Written APPLICATION OF INDIGENCY filed by Defendant on 08/13
8/13/2019 CASH/SURETY/10% Bond Set for $3000.00
8/13/2019 ARRAIGNMENT set for 08/13/2019 at 09:00 AM in room 1
8/13/2019 Case Filed on 08/13/2019

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