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Case Summary

General Information
Case Number :16CRB01446
Offense Date :8/16/2016
Date Filed :8/25/2016
Waiverable :No
Affiant Name :PTL. KELLY
Proof of Insurance :Unknown
Muni Name :BEREA

Defendant Information   (Last known address)
Address Line1 :2100 LAKESIDE
Address Line2 :
State :OH
Zip Code :44114
Date of Birth :7/7/1977
Financial Information
Total Fines & Costs : $781.00
Total Paid : $716.00
Total Owed : $65.00

Warrant Information
Active Warrants :Yes

Count Number Citation Number Statute Code Statute Description Speed Limit Actual Degree Plea Finding Finding Date
1 1658604 2913.21 MISUSE OF CREDIT CARDS M1 NO CONTEST GUILTY 5/5/2017

Hearing Information
DescriptionCourt DateCourt Time
PROB VIOLATION7/13/20179:00:00 AM
SENTENCE12/21/20161:00:00 PM
PRE-TRIAL9/27/20169:00:00 AM
ARRAIGNMENT8/25/20169:00:00 AM

Docket Information
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Entry Date Count Entry
7/18/2017 Warrant Block Sent to BMV
7/18/2017 WARRANT BLOCK PROCESSING FEE of $15.00 assessed
7/13/2017 Warrant Notice Sent
7/13/2017 NOTICE FEE of $50.00 assessed
7/13/2017 Warrant issued for PROBATION VIOL on 07/13/2017
7/13/2017 Def NA PV - issue warrant CLG
7/3/2017 PV Journal Entry Notice Sent
7/3/2017 HEARING PROBATION VIOL. Notice Sent
7/3/2017 PROB VIOLATION set for 07/13/2017 at 09:00 AM in room 4 by M
7/3/2017 CCS Violation Complaint Notice Sent
5/19/2017 Warrant Block Release Sent to BMV
5/18/2017 Canceled ORAL HEARING/MONEY OWING for 05/25/2017 at 09:00 AM
5/18/2017 Paid $716.00 receipt# 2017306432 paid by ROBERT LOUDERMILK
5/5/2017 Release of Prisoner notice sent
5/5/2017 ORAL HEARING MONEY OWING notice sent
5/5/2017 NOTICE FEE of $25.00 assessed
5/5/2017 ORAL HEARING/MONEY OWING set for 05/25/2017 at 09:00 AM in r
5/5/2017 1 Finding of GUILTY entered for 2913.21 - MISUSE OF CREDIT CAR
5/5/2017 1 Confinement Jail Time Sentenced 10 Day(s) 10 Credited
5/5/2017 Sentencing JE notice sent
5/5/2017 1 The defendant appeared in open court and was advised of the
5/5/2017 BASIC 1 YR of $150.00 assessed
5/5/2017 Warrant for SENTENCING was Served on 05/05/2017
5/5/2017 Warrant for SENTENCING Confirmed On 05/05/2017
3/27/2017 Journal Entry notice sent
3/27/2017 Motion to sentence in absentia is denied as there is a victi
3/14/2017 Recd original copy of JAIL ABSENTIA REQUEST FORM from Def.
3/13/2017 Recd completed JAIL ABSENTIA REQUEST FORM from Def (via fax)
3/6/2017 JAIL ABSENTIA LETTER NEW notice sent
3/6/2017 Recd written NOTICE OF AVAILABILITY from Def.
1/4/2017 Warrant Block Sent to BMV
1/4/2017 WARRANT BLOCK PROCESSING FEE of $15.00 assessed
12/27/2016 Warrant notice sent
12/27/2016 NOTICE FEE of $50.00 assessed
12/27/2016 Warrant issued for SENTENCING on 12/27/2016
11/30/2016 Hearing Card w/prompt notice sent
11/30/2016 Hearing Card w/attorney notice sent
11/30/2016 SENTENCE set for 12/21/2016 at 01:00 PM in room 3 by Judge M
9/27/2016 PSI 10/26/16 at 1:00pm
9/27/2016 1 CHANGE OF PLEA, P/NC, F/G, PSI
9/27/2016 1 Plea of NO CONTEST entered on 09/27/2016
8/25/2016 Hearing Card w/prompt notice sent
8/25/2016 PRE-TRIAL changed to 09/27/2016 at 09:00 AM in room 2 by Jud
8/25/2016 Hearing Card w/attorney notice sent
8/25/2016 PRE-TRIAL set for 09/27/2016 at 09:00 AM in room 2 by Judge
8/25/2016 C/S/P Recognizance notice sent
8/25/2016 Condition on Bond: No Possession or consumption of Alcohol o
8/25/2016 Judge MARK A. COMSTOCK assigned to case
8/25/2016 Right to speedy trial waived by defendant on 08/25/2016
8/25/2016 1 Plea of NOT GUILTY entered on 08/25/2016
8/25/2016 PERSONAL BOND FEE of $5.00 assessed
8/25/2016 PERSONAL BOND Bond Set for $1500.00
8/25/2016 Defendant found indigent. Court appoints WILLIAM L COUGHANOU
8/25/2016 Written APPLICATION OF INDIGENCY filed by Defendant on 08/25
8/25/2016 ARRAIGNMENT set for 08/25/2016 at 09:00 AM in room 1
8/25/2016 Case Filed on 08/25/2016

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